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March/April 2015
  • Magna Carta: a cause for celebration?
    The 'Great Charter' that King John signed in a meadow by the River Thames at Runnymede 800 years ago has gone on to influence our ideas of freedom, justice and the law.
    Julian Harrison

  • Type cast
    An amazing display of Hellenistic bronze statues is going on show in Florence before travelling on to Los Angeles and Washington DC.
    Jens M Daehner and
    Kenneth Lapatin

  • The pleasure of ruins
    The glory of Ancient Greece is revealed during a visit to Athens and the island
    of Aegina.
    Lucia Marchini

  • The body beautiful
    Philosophy, politics and the laws of proportion all play their part in creating the ideal of Greek beauty.
    Ian Jenkins

  • The mysteries of the Indus civilisation
    Despite over a century of excavation, the characters written on seals found in the great ruined cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa have still not been deciphered.
    Andrew Robinson

  • The dark secrets of the
    bog bodies

    Ned Kelly explains why kings and others were ritually sacrificed and buried in the peat of Ireland and elsewhere in Europe.
    Diana Bentley

  • Tucci, Tibet and thangkas
    Giuseppe Tucci and the glorious Himalayan art he collected in Tibet
    is being celebrated in a fascinating exhibition.
    Dalu Jones

  • Between two worlds
    An investigation into t
    he regalia and the role
    of the shamans of the
    Far North, who act as intermediaries between the spirit realm and
    the world of humans.
    David Miles

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