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January/February 2016
  • The new Phidias
    As well as his own magnificent work, the recently refurbished Musée Rodin is displaying a fine collection of Classical antiquities amassed by the great French sculptor. Caroline Bugler

  • Egypt in Italy
    With excellent Egyptological museums in Turin and Florence, now it is Bologna's turn to put on a show – with some help from the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.
    Dalu Jones

  • The riddle of the sphinx
    It weighed 13 tons and travelled nearly 6000 miles from Memphis to Philadelphia, but only now has the full story of the Penn Museum's sphinx been told.
    Dr Jennifer Houser Wegner

  • Faith after the pharaohs
    From the paganism of Egypt, Greece and Rome to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, an exhibition at the British Museum reveals the many faiths that once co-existed peacefully by the Nile. Lucia Marchini

  • In love with life in
    ancient Egypt

    Writer and broadcaster Professor Joann Fletcher tells us about her passion for the land of the pharaohs and her fascination with its people – from every level of society. Diana Bentley

  • Remembrance of
    things past

    Although the antiquarian and collector Sir John Soane had a penchant for antiquities, he also had his eyes firmly fixed on the future – as
    an exhibition on the architecture of legacy shows. Lucia Marchini

  • On the rocks
    New Mexico has an abundance of petroglyphs scattered across hundreds of miles of wild country, but the location of many of the sites have to be kept secret to ensure they are not vandalised.
    Carol P Chamberland

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