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July/August 2015
  • A king, a castle and a library
    Stunning illuminated books and manuscripts collected by Francis I are on show in their original home, the Château de Blois. Nicole Benazeth

  • The faces of Roman Britain
    Although there are scant records of the inhabitants of Britain under Roman rule, fragments can be pieced together to paint a picture of the craftsmen, soldiers and slaves who lived here.
    Guy de la Béyodère

  • Exploring the Eternal City Taking private tours of the Vatican and the Colosseum are the only way to see these major sights of Rome without the crowds.
    Lucia Marchini

  • A twist in the tale
    The decoration of some Roman weapons is not what it seems; it can be proved to have had a deadly practical purpose.
    David Sim

  • Terrantica
    Ancient images of the Great Mother found around the Mediterranean celebrate Gaia, or the Earth, in an exhibition in Rome.
    Dalu Jones

  • Super models
    An unparalleled collection of miniature Classical buildings are displayed in the restored Model Room which Sir John Soane designed specially for them at his London home-museum.
    Lucia Marchini

  • Scroll up, scroll up
    On show in Los Angeles, Dead Sea Scrolls: The Exhibition is proving to be surprisingly popular but, nearly 70 years after the discovery of the scrolls, some key questions remain unanswered.
    Murray Eiland

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