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January/February 2015
  • A prince's progress
    The Prince of Wales' 19th-century Grand Tour of the Middle East is traced through antiquities he collected en route and atmospheric photographs taken by Francis Bedford. Alessandro Nasini

  • The celestial empire
    The artistic achievements of the Han Dynasty are highlighted in a new show at the Musée Guimet in Paris.
    Nicole Benazeth

  • The Homer of painting
    Classical scenes portrayed by the luscious brushstrokes of Rubens went on to influence generations of later painters.
    Nico van Hout

  • Eastern promise
    Talking to Michael Teller IV, Director of TK Asian Antiquities, about his lifelong love of China.
    Lindsay Fulcher

  • The curious case of the Caucasian mummies
    Several expeditions to set up wild camel reserves in north-west China led to the discovery of artefacts linked to excavations made by Sven Hedin in 1934.
    John Hare

  • The coins of the Kushans
    The Kushan empire once rivalled the greatest in the ancient world, but it is often only the images on its coins that tell us about its kings and gods.
    David Jongeward

  • Along the Silk Road
    From the desert of Xinjiang to the wide grasslands of Kyrgyzstan, journeying along this age-old trade route still taxes the most adventurous traveller.
    Dalu Jones

  • The adventures of
    Wendell Phillips

    An exhibition devoted to the 'American Lawrence of Arabia', the pioneering archaeologist who went in search of the Queen of Sheba, is on show at the Sackler Gallery in Washington.
    Howard Kaplan

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