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November/December 2015
  • On their metal
    The fine art of drawing using gold and silverpoint, developed during the Renaissance, is revealed at the British Museum.
    Lucia Marchetti

  • Palmyra: city of the palms
    This is not the first time in history that this beautiful city in the Syrian desert has come under attack.
    Marius Kociejowski

  • Reading the ruins
    Ruined architecture, broken sculpture and fallen women have inspired artists throughout history, as an exhibition in Rome shows.
    Dalu Jones

  • Treasures of the middle kingdom
    Shifts in artistic forms and cultural concepts occurred over the course of around 400 years in this highly creative and unifying period of ancient Egyptian history.
    Adela Oppenheim

  • South of the border
    Dr Guy D Hepp shares his enthusiasm for a Mesoamerican site he is excavating in Oaxaca, Mexico. .
    Richard Marranca

  • Madame Butterfly meets the Buddha
    After the opening up of Japan in the 19th century both its art and religion became fashionable in the West.
    Nicole Benazeth

  • In the land of the morning calm
    South Korea is little visited by Western tourists, but a tour of the country can bring rich rewards – from its historic Buddhist shrines and temples to its royal pavilions.
    Dalu Jones

  • Dining after death?
    In the ancient world banquets were often seen on funerary monuments – but did they represent scenes that had once been enjoyed, or feasts yet to come?
    Catherine M Draycott

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